Adjustable Fridge Storage Basket set of 4

Adjustable Multipurpose Fridge Storage Sliding Drawer Fridge Storage Rack / Storage Rack / Storage Shelf Pack of 4

Adjustable Fridge Storage Basket set of 4

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 Adjustable Fridge Storage Basket set of 4 is ideal for organizing the contents of your refrigerator neatly. This compact form set of storage racks efficiently stores Mostly everything without taking up too much space in your refrigerator.

Multipurpose Organizer Fridge Organizer Set has a smart-slide design which allows it to firmly latch on to multiple surfaces like glass, wood and plastic. Thus, this set of plastic storage shelves comes in handy even for organizing dining tables, office tables, study tables, kitchen and bathroom cabinets as well.

Sturdy Plastic Built The high-quality, food-grade plastic make of the Fridge Organizer Set ensures its durability and safe usage. The robust built of this set can not only withstand heavy weight but also resist tough impact on falling without breaking.

Easy to Clean Fridge Organizer Set features microbial resistance. With its smooth edges and easy to reach areas, it can be quickly cleaned with minimal hassle. This is an expandable tray.

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